This is the  Amazing New Products’ website!


Welcome to Amazing New Products website!

Your right to know helps you to make the most efficient decisions about what to buy, where to buy and how best to buy it. Your desire led us to start Amazing New Products as our own way of keeping you informed about the choices available out there.
Getting the information to you is not enough. We facilitate the transaction where we can and bring the buyer and seller into a communion of satisfied partnership based on fair practice and integrity.
We are a part of Myhappiday Communications founded in 2004,  as a partner-company to Haytchen Heights Limited for providing marketing communications, brand building and advertising services to diverse markets.
Since then we have satisfactorily serviced companies in diverse fields such as:
i.    Information Technology,
ii.  Telecommunications,
iii. Building Construction,
iv. Engineering, and
v.  Public Service

Vision and Mission see our Company profile

Myhappiday CommunicationsNEW-1

Myhappiday Communications is founded by Ngozi Asoya also called Larry Happiday in blogosphere.

Ngozi Asoya also known in blogosphere as Larry Happiday
Ngozi Asoya also known in blogosphere as Larry Happiday




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